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Afelhem is an role-playing game that enables players to explore many different paths as well as creating their own. Players can level up to unlock new spells, weapons, and armor to become stronger while also building up skills for crafting items, catching and cooking their own food, and even making potions. This open-world sandbox experience is a place where players can form their own story in a classes system. The sky is the limit as their is no level cap for any combat or skill levels. The higher your proficiency in a skill becomes the more power you will become as a player. There are many hand crafted regions and areas to explore with additional places to be included with each game update... [read more on GamingOnLinux]

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Afelhem is an role-playing game that enables players to explore many different paths as well as creating their own. Players can level up to unlock new spells, weapons, and armor to become stronger while also building up skills for crafting items, catching and cooking their own food, and even making potions. This open-world sandbox experience is a place where players can form their own story in a classes system. The sky is the limit as their is no level cap for any combat or skill levels. The higher your proficiency in a skill becomes the more power you will become as a player. There are many hand crafted regions and areas to explore with additional places to be included with each game update. Nyble aims to create and deliver an amazing classic Role-playing game experience for everyone to enjoy. So, go on Adventurer, tread into unknown and return with new knowledge of the great world of Afelhem! You are an adventurer seeking to explore the great world of Afelhem. Fight thousands of tough monsters, delve into depths of dangerous dungeons to challenge even stronger bosses and claim your glorious treasure!



This open-world sandbox experience is a place where players can form their own story in a classes system. The sky is the limit as their is no level cap for any combat or skill levels. The higher your proficiency in a skill becomes the more power you will become as a player. There are many hand crafted regions and areas to explore with additional places to be included with each game update. Nyble aims to create and deliver an amazing classic Role-playing game experience for everyone to enjoy. So, go on Adventurer, tread into unknown and return with new knowledge of the great world of Afelhem! You are an adventurer seeking to explore the great world of Afelhem. Fight thousands of tough monsters, delve into depths of dangerous dungeons to challenge even stronger bosses and claim your glorious treasure! Afelhem is an role-playing game that enables players to explore many different paths as well as creating their own. Players can level up to unlock new spells, weapons, and armor to become stronger while also building up skills for crafting items, catching and cooking their own food, and even making potions.
The 10 round cipher takes in a plaintext that is 128-bit plaintext, thus we must consider 0-9 rounds to be going from Substitution bytes → ShiftRows → MixColumns → AddRoundKeys. This is the case for 0 to 9 rounds in AES. The final round key is Substitution Bytes → ShiftRows → AddRoundKeys, this denotes the final round as special while all other rounds are normal. Now, lets inverse the encryption as shown above. The algorithms takes a 128-bit Ciphertext, which is the Ciphertext outputted by the original 128-bit plaintext initially. This time, the round starts from 10 and will go util round key 0. The key is still a 128-bit key. The Inverse round will InvShiftRows → InvSubBytes → AddRoundKeys → InvMixColumns. This is the normal inverse round. The final round, which is 0 for the inverse, which is denoted as round key 0 is an InvShiftRows → InvSubBytes → AddRoundKeys. Thus, the end will result in a 128-bit plaintext which shows that the AES decryption is, in fact, the inverse of AES encryption.
1 Background The theme was chosen due to the high potential utility of a textbook selling website on the New Mexico Tech campus. Many students face very high prices for the textbooks they need, and a website which offers the ability for students to negotiate prices among themselves for used textbooks could allow them to get better prices for their books (buying AND selling). 2 Website Analysis a) List five existing websites that are relevant to the theme and describes what functions the websites have. Automated textbookbook search by Term, Class, and Teacher; search results include ISBN, cover picture, and book overview. Buyers can view a general listing for the "required" book(s) and see the different prices being offered by each seller. Sellers must categorize the condition of their book and add pictures of it as proof. Categories have specific condition requirements. Seller and Buyer can leave feedback for each other, and report issues; restrictions on accounts can be considered after X negative reports. Buyers communicate with the sellers directly; sales are conducted via in-person meetup- no shipping costs, no liability for the site, and much harder to run effective scams. b) List and describe the functions the group would like to implement in the website A combination of the functionality listed above, plus: Ability to login; account stores purchase history and wishlist for buyers; stores sold history and active listing for sellers Store a wide variety of textbooks with searchable metadata in a categorized manner A messaging function for users to ask sellers questions Book ratings: sellers and buyers can contribute information about the usefulness and necessity of the textbook for a given class and professor
Guidelines for Participating in Discussions 1. Do more than state agreement or disagreement. Justify and support your opinion. The most persuasive opinions are supported by evidence —examples, facts, and reasoned opinions. If you disagree with something, say why. If you agree, say why. 2. Prepare. For example, do reading, viewing, and lesson activity work before you express yourself. Having prepared well, cite your sources so that others can decide better whether your information is reliable. You can include links so others can follow up. 3. Connect your comment to your own experience or another topic we have discussed in the course. Building upon and connecting ideas to others is a form a critical analysis, which is one of the fundamental goals of this course. 4. Check your message before you send it. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar, and be sure that your message makes the points you want to make in a clear and concise way. Use the “abc” spell check button before you press “submit”. Please use correct capitalization and refrain from “text language” and ALL CAPS in the Discussions. Exceptions include occasional lol’s, smiley faces, and other types of support for your fellow students. 5. Help move the discussion along. When replying to a student, read the other student’s comments carefully. Introduce new ideas, but also build on what others have said. 6. Keep up with the discussion throughout the week. After you have made your contribution on a topic, check back a few times during the week to find out how the discussion is evolving. Does someone's comment make you think twice about your previous view? 7. Respect ideas and opinions. Since we don’t have the benefit of vocal tone or facial expressions, written text can easily be misinterpreted. Discussions are meant to be informal conversations, so feel free to use a conversational, yet respectful, tone. Feel free to disagree, but express your disagreement in a collegial and respectful manner. 8. Be positive when offering advice. If one of your fellow students asks for opinions about his or her ideas, be encouraging with your comments. If you see weaknesses in someone's writing or ideas, focus on describing the strengths to keep up, as well as the opportunities for improvement. Put yourself in the shoes of the other people in the discussions. 9. Be gracious when receiving advice. When you contribute to a discussion, you are hoping that other people will feel you have said something worthwhile and suggest useful ideas to build on yours. When others are critical, assume that they are trying to provide a critique, not criticism in the negative sense. Even if they don't seem diplomatic, be gracious in response. 10. Try to respond to those students who respond to any of your posts. This is common courtesy and lets fellow classmates know that you appreciate their response. It also helps to move the discussion along.

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